All the things…

all the things you said to me whas it only a lie.
my feelings for you whas so high i don’t understand why i’m not in the sky.
whas i only a friend or just a game i don’t understand.
what did i do wrong becuse you left me all alone.
standing like a fool i can’t still help to drool.
you were my knight in shining armor.
and the one i want to be.
and always wan’t to se

In your Spotlight

It’s another day to fight the fray,
My heart is soaring.
I will be legendary,
I will shine in your eyes.
Try to change status,
But I know it won’t come easily.
I’m not the most ordinary,
I will be only me,
and you’ll see that I’m worthy to be in your spotlight!

Burning thoughts

I can feel it
The heat
How it licks my whole body
And slowly rising
It is right thing
They say
Only for justice
The crowd screams
For revenge
My friend whispers
My friend
I was living before
The flame burned in me
I was the one controlling it
Not like now
It is the master
And I listen
I follow
And I stay silent


I can’t look at my body and say that it’s mine
our bodies are just temporary homes for our endless minds
We have created this world where nothing is real
The smoke is gone but everything’s still unclear
Don’t forget that your mind never dies
You leave your home and then fly up to the sky
But with my bad mind how am I supposed to live, shall I just play pretend so they doesn’t see…the real me?
Can you see me banging on the window, trying to escape, please save me from myself while the sun is awake
It seems like the pain never ends and the scars doesn’t fades
I’m trying to reach out but they keep pulling me back. How am I supposed to live in a world where our abstract minds cuts down to a soul less box

Lonely nights

Those lonely nights when I think of you
It’s those days I know it’s true
The love I have in my heart
Will never set us apart
Once you let me in, once you see me too
Trust me, Love Will find it’s way through.

Feelings surfaced

When you came in to my life, all things where put on hold
A voice inside spoke: this is the one, come on be brave and bold
Feelings surfaced that been abcent for a long time
I made a promise to myself: this one I will never let go and she will be mine
You are a beautiful woman, both inside and out
You make me want to scream and shout
I want to tell the world you are mine but I know what’s up
You once told me: dont quit being you. Dont worry, I will never stop!
I love you for you. I dont wish you to be anything else.

My tears

There was a time, ages ago, you made my heart stop beating slow
You said those words, that made me feel, maybe this time, it could be real
And every time you looked at me, you saw something I couldn’t see

You made me smile wide everyday, I on my knees, begged you to stay
You said your heart belonged to me, and that’s the way it’s meant to be

But in the end you know things change, the feeling started getting strange
When you stopped being like before, and left me crying on the floor
Our broken pictures on the ground and in my tears is where I drowned.

Gone insane

To use both sides of the brain
Doubble the fun double the pain
Trouble the sun trouble the rain
Others will Think You have gone insane

Into war

Into war I come
Leaving you behind and all alone
Death’s sneaking around the corner
I love you all but I gotta go
Have to serve my country and die tomorrow


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Emotions I feel, they turn to none
I broke them one by one
Pretending to be fine, I keep smiling on
I cry but that is not for others eyes to know

Even though I feel pain, I push it down
It hurts, but I will never let it show
No matter how many hints I drop
You don’t notice anything at all

Words you say they pierce my deep
They cut me up and make me bleed
But no one else can understand
The crippled state my heart is in
Once the light has met it’s end
It will not turn back on again
The ’’me’’ you know today is only a made up lie

When I need you the most, you won’t be here
You’re gone, moved on, well that’s alright
But what you left behind, won’t disapear
All these wounds cause me pain everyday

Even if i’m left to die
I’ll keep on smiling all the time
I can’t forget the words you’ve said
You know it’s unforgivably
’’Mom, it hurts’’ is hard to say
Cause you won’t hear it anyway
I guess i’m just another ’’joke’’ to you
I’ll laugh it through

I hope I will fade, I’m afraid, it’s all a lie

This note of mine you will find
But understanding it will take some time
You know what’s just so hard to hear?
The silence when I’ve made my point clear
So please kill this ’’me’’
Save me from my misery
Cause the ’’me’’ you know today is only a made up lie
A stone cold lie.