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My name is I
My problem is Love
And my solution is You

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Thinking about you

I cant stop thinking about you , i really cant. Where are you right now . You know i love you and i know you love me. I need you right now so if you read this i only want you to know that i need you

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sweet dreams sweet heart
You close your eyes and fall asleep
A sleep that will last forever
I lie next to you and we sleep forever together
you are me
I am you
forever baby

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You are my angel

You are my angel who listens to my complaining.
You are my angel who stands patiently by my side.
You are my angel carrying my weight, my conscience.
You are my angel who shares my sorrow, my joy.
You’re beautiful, you’re good.
You’re sweet, you’re wonderful.
You’re nice.
You are my best friend.
Feel your presence.
What would I do without you?

I want to give you love

I want to give you love,
but I can not continue like this.
You are in my heart,
but am I in yours?
You have to earn my love
because your words are no longer enough.
Show me your love and
all I mean to you.
You’re my man
and I know you have feelings for me,
so darling show me that your words
are not just words without meaning.
Because the meaning of life is love
and my love is you.

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What Am I To You?

What am I to you?
I’m torn between love and pain.
Sometimes you are here, sometimes you are in the distance.
You give me smile, you give me tears.
But I no longer know where we stand.
What are we doing?
Decide what I am for you.
Cause one day, I might not stay at your side.
So now I ask the question.
What am I to you?