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I ‘m not here , I’m not there, I do not know where I am, but now I know why I can not be seen because I’m in love

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I see you disappear.
I see you no more.
Your last words were bye.
I see that you are leaning towards me.
you kiss me and I kiss you.
then you are no more.
you are gone from my life.
I shed a tear and say Goodbye.

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The act

A smile that shines so bright
A happiness that hides her fright
Eyes that hide the broken tear
Secret that hides the fear
A laugh so loud and clear
A cry for help that no one can hear
She hides herself so well
Taking everyone under her spell
No one can see the real
No one knows how she feel
An actress with her power
Hiding till her ending hour
Her last breath shows it all
She lets the act finally fall


Why They Don’t See When I Cry?
Why Can’t They Ask Me If I’m Okey?
Why They Don’t Listen?
Why Can’t They Stay?
Why They Don’t See Me?

Why Do You Not Love Me?

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Start over

I remember when you took my hand
We ran on the beach hand in hand
we had a picnic with us as we lookt at the sunset

Your smile was beautiful
your laugh was so wonderful
your eyes were like the sun oooh
Baby why was it just a dream

Start over, can we start over
I was born all over again when you held my hand
every time I dreaming about this, it feels so real
you were mine for a day but I want you forever
So you will be mine and no one else`s

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it’s just like that, whether i’m sitting, standing or walking,i’m one step behind, one step behind everything i think i know, but maybe it’s good like that because,i would still not rise in value if we were at the same speed


Life isn´t about waiting for the storm pass. It´s about learn to dance in the rain.


Confused, scared no one who cared
Damaged, frustrated but tempted to try
Without lies so I can learn to be weak and cry
Without you everything goes from right to wrong
And im no longer so strong and i was wrong,
We could be, you’re the one for me
Never thought it could be, ending up with a he
Who could figure out that about me
But I no longer do care, no longer to scared
to say
I am homosexual
It felt so good to say, what if im gay
I wont disapear im here to stay
Nothing different cause love is love
And we all will end up one day in heaven above
Love is based on what you have inside
And im sorry that i lied but i tried
To be strong to tell you that it’s not wrong
and now my fears are long gone
And im proud to say
I am homosexuell
Never thought it could be, ending up with a he
Who could figure out that about me
But I no longer do care, no longer to scared
to say
I am homosexual

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Love is like wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it <3
There are no ugly peolpe, only eyes that seen all that's wrong.


My name is I
My problem is Love
And my solution is You

Thinking about you

I cant stop thinking about you , i really cant. Where are you right now . You know i love you and i know you love me. I need you right now so if you read this i only want you to know that i need you


sweet dreams sweet heart
You close your eyes and fall asleep
A sleep that will last forever
I lie next to you and we sleep forever together
you are me
I am you
forever baby